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We must do more for our public schools and public school teachers. We need to raise teacher pay to meet the median wage for teachers nationwide. We need to bring the per-pupil spending up, update outdated textbooks, and invest in infrastructure for older schools. 

For higher eduction, we should consider expanding the NC Promise Tuition Plan to more of our public universities can be affordable for all. 


We need to commit to more funding for the VA and its programs, as well as investing in better program to inform veterans on the wide variety of programs available to them. Our VA hospitals do great work, but we need to make sure they're convenient to get to no matter where in the state our veterans live. 


Single-payer healthcare is a goal to work towards for NC. All Americans are entitled to quality healthcare. We need to close the Medicare gap in NC immediately, and fight for the Affordable Care Act at every turn. My sister has Jouberts Syndrome - a genetic disorder, that and it's important that we continue to provide healthcare for families who are under tremendous stress already.


We have an incredibly beautiful state full of stunning natural resources that must be protected for our health, our economy, and our future generations. We must make corporations responsible for pollution that they cause, as well as the resulting health problems. As a student of Sustainable Technology, there are so many opportunities for our state in sustainable energy that will free us from dependency on harmful fuel sources. 

I believe that the minimum wage MUST be raised to help lift a large section of our community out of poverty. If any executive complains that they can't provide a living wage for their employees, it's a sign that their business model is seriously flawed. I understand the it will have to be raised in phases, and maybe on a sliding scale for different metro areas, but no one should have to work 3 jobs in order to make ends meet. NC must also reinstate solar tax credits and encourage sustainable energy industries. 
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